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Winner of the 'Exetreme imagination' Short Story Competition 


12.17am. Tension grips my legs as I balance on the tips of my toes. One measured step at a time down stairs. I take the tried and tested route around the tell-tale floor board, that little rascal teases me every time. The gravitational pull between the Devil's chocolate cake and my salivating mouth guides me to the kitchen, with secret agent stealth. A glisten of moonlight on the tin reveals its location. Each nail helps to prise it open under the impatient glare of my glutinous eyes.


‘I knew it! I knew you would come back to me you spineless mortal,’ echoes a voice from the depths of the glazed chocolate, sugar-coated circle of temptation.




‘Yes, you, I’m talking to you. There’s no other self-indulgent creature staring at me, with every intention to sink their teeth through my carefully risen layers!’


‘You devil!’ I whisper with a growl.


‘Go on, bite me. There’s nobody watching. But I’ll be sure to remind you of this confidential treat tomorrow morn…’


With that, I suffocate the demon in the gaping hollow of my mouth. Now he runs riot through the bloods of my body, tempting me with the heat of the fire.



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