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This formed part of a longer piece for the Echo. 


Exeter Pound has revealed its £E10 note to feature Exeter’s iconic Gandy Street, accompanied on the reverse by local band Concrete Donkey on stage at Exeter Cavern. Residents of Exeter often embrace the influence of the city on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, and artist Gareth Williams brought the magic to Gandy Street with his illustrations.


Daniel Hillier of Vision ICT captured the image of the band’s drummer Dave Parsons at a recent gig in the club.

For Daniel, he said ‘it is great to see this culturally important venue being represented on the £E10’.


Cavern holds a prestige staus in the city, as one of the longest running live music venues. “You only have to look at the quality of the acts that have played there over the years; Coldplay, Muse, Biffy Clyro, La Roux, Shed &, Catationia and Mumford & Sons to see what a great venue it is. Not only that but they do a lot to support local bands as they’re finding their way into the music scene”.


As one of these local bands, the same love for Cavern is expressed by Concrete Donkey. Chris Perkins, vocalist of the four piece, said “many of our key home-town shows have been here at Exeter Cavern and it’s encouraging to have places such as The Globe and Sorry Head promoting live music night after night".


The local talent of the city is amongst the many Exeter values that the launch of a local currency on September 1st can help to promote. “Concrete Donkey are excited to be involved with the Exeter Pound Project. It’s a great honour to be representing the local music scene considering there is so much talent out there”.


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