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The Exeter Pound aims to create a currency that enhances the identity of Exeter, for all those who work, play and relax here. So it only seemed right that the people of Exeter designed the very appearance of our paper notes.


April 2015 saw the launch of our design competition for the £E1, £E5, £E10 and £E20 now. There were high levels of involvement from professional artists and photographers, to an array of primary school children.


When the competition closed, the £E1 finalists’ designs were displayed in the Guild Hall, giving the opportunity for a public vote. With the General Election in full swing at this point, we were excited to participate in our own democratic electoral process! A mixed panel from decided the other denominations across the city, to ensure a fair representation of Exeter across the set of notes.


The winners were announced, one crafted note at a time, in the local newspaper by June 2015. Seven year old Eden Valentine’s colour drawings feature on the £E1 note, after winning the hearts of the public.


The late Exeter City FC striker Adam Stansfield, photographed by Phil Mingo, is the star of the £E5, which also highlights the prestigious 1914 football match between Brazil and ECFC.


Spike Myers’ artwork brings the magic back to Gandy Street, with Daniel Hillier’s photograph of Concrete Donkey’s drummer Dave Parsons on stage at Exeter Caver printed on the reverse. Both these locations have been central to the character of the city, its live music scene and its inspiration for a certain much loved novelist.


Illustrator Gareth Williams’ depiction of Exeter athletics star Jo Pavey backs a drawing of the Cathedral and Richard Hooker statue, all three features putting Exeter firmly on the map.


Exeter Pound have also created a limited edition £E15 to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. Exeter Chiefs’ Jack Nowell, photographed by Clive Chilvers, is featured to commemorate the pride of Exeter as a selected host city for the 2015 competition, on which the eyes of the world will be fixed.


Each artist has their own story to tell about Exeter, and this is what we wanted to pass on to our spenders and traders as the money circulates within our city.


They will be available for purchase at one of our 9 exchange points around the city, or online via www.exeterpound.org.uk.


It’s time to join the conversation! 

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