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Published via Exeter Pound Tumblr



The Exeter Pound team has been working extremely hard since the launch in September to maintain the success of the scheme. However, it’s not all about them (and they won’t mind me saying that). It’s about you!


Local currency is about making your city work for you, so that’s why now is the time to put the #PowerInYourPocket! 


By exchanging your Pound Sterling with the vibrant and iconic Exeter Pound notes, you have the power to pump wealth into your own economy (rather than the back pockets of multinational CEO’s…). Exeter Pounds can quite literally only be spent in Exeter, so you can control where our local traders spend the money you give to them.


You have the power to bring together our local community. As the New Economics Foundation says, ‘A strong national economy needs a flourishing network of local economies.’ We have local accountants, architects and website designers all signed up, so gone are the days of staring at a computer screen searching for help and answers. Pay them with Exeter Pounds and not only do you help our economy; you are passing on the power. It’s contagious! 


You have the power to build the walls of Exeter.  As the jewel of Devon in our corner of England, we can show many other cities around the country and world the pathway to sustainability. Brush the leaves off the road and let your Exeter Pounds guide you not only around the city, but also to an enlightened method of shopping. Be healthier with seasonal foods, chat with your local traders rather than just ‘inserting your card into the machine’, buy unique gifts for loved ones, and then buy a naughty but nice slice of homemade cake for yourself. 


We currently have 121 traders and great supporters ready and waiting for you give them your Exeter Pounds. A full directory and map is available via our website http://www.exeterpound.org.uk/directory. 


The benefits are local but the impact could be national. Put the power into your pocket and spend with pride in Exeter.

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