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BBC News: Pa Salieu

After the artist was dropped from the Commonwealth Games (2022).

BBC News: Reading and Leeds

Disputes about tickets after line up changes (2022).

BBC Breakfast: Freddie Mercury's nephew

Exclusive interview (April 2019)

2020/21 Showreel

Selection of highlights.

BBC News: Love Island

Backlash to treatment of women on the show (2022).

BBC Breakfast: English National Ballet School

First student from India to gain a place at the school (Dec 2020).

BBC News: Face masks for beards & turbans

Designer Sunnie created a face mask for Sikh men, like her father-in-law (July 2020).


BBC News: India's covid crisis

Kalpesh's family are suffering with coronavirus in India. He feels helpless in the UK (April 2021)

BBC News: Covid 19 & ethnic minorities

Looking at the disproportionate impact of covid on black and Asian people (April 2020).

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