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He spoke to Pria after his interview with Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines. She pushes on the footballer's image and how it all came about.

Pria goes behind the scenes into the weather studio to see how it's all made and how forecasts are produced.

The broadcaster tells Pria about how working with Radio 1Xtra at the start of her career gave her 'the confidence to fight for stories'. 

Meet the climate change activists motivated by faith and culture. They tell Pria how their religion guides their care for the environment.

Pria speaks to the 25-year-old songwriting who is behind hits for the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga after being nominated for a Grammy award in the category's first year.

In one of his first interviews after being attacked in New York, the singer says he's "looking forward" and is on a positive journey.

England's women's football captain says it's "rubbish" to tell players to "stick to football" and avoid politics, as she speaks to Pria ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

"I didn't even leave my flat. I was just so concerned that people were staring at me, or they were going to say something." 28-year-old Atholl Mills was born with cystic hygroma. 

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